What gives your life meaning?

By Michael Powell

It’s that time of year again. Social media is filled with “1st day of school” pictures, your vacation tan is fading, and thoughts of Christmas are beckoning your credit score. Life is fast. And I don’t just mean today or this week. The whole thing is slipping away- we see it in the mirror, in our growing kids, and maybe even aging parents. Instead of running to the next moment, I would like you to think for a second about what gives your life meaning. Maybe it’s your family, job, stunning good looks, awards, friends, retirement, or something else. While all those things are great, they are also speeding out of sight, slipping through your fingertips as you grasp with more and more energy to keep them close. This constant search for identity and purpose leaves you feeling hopeless, filling that hopelessness with temporary happiness.


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The Good News is this: that is not how we have been designed to live! Imagine for a moment that every waking minute of your life could be meaningful, with lasting impact, bringing endless joy. This is what the gospel provides! Through the finished work of Christ, we can reflect His glory and live out our true identity with peace in an everlasting hope that brings meaning to today.


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Southpoint has called Locust Grove home for the last 12 years, and we love this city! It’s not the access to Atlanta or train platform or growing selection of restaurants. We love this city because of the people. We want you and your family to experience true joy in Christ. We want to show our neighbors the love of Jesus. We want others to find hope for this life and the next.


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As your family is gearing up for a new school year or season of life, please consider joining us on a Sunday as we grow as a community of God’s grace and glory. This Sunday, at 10:30am, we are starting a series called Identity. It will look at the purpose for our lives as individuals and a community, leading to the September launch of a new Southpoint location in McDonough. As we grow, learn, and serve, YOU are invited to help us love this city!


We are located right behind the French Market at 170 Cleveland Street. For more information, please visit southpointfellowship.org.

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SouthSide, REALTORS®, Where family and real estate business come together.

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From Shannon Powell, SouthSide, REALTORS®

From our office in Downtown Locust Grove to our offices in Downtown McDonough to our REALTOR family is eager to take care of your family. “We’re not just your REALTOR, we’re also your neighbors.”

Our staff of REALTORS® and Assistants possess the experience and knowledge that all home sellers, home buyers, builders and investors have come to trust since we opened our doors in Henry County in 2011. SouthSide, REALTORS® hallmark is ultimate respect for our clients, cultivating long-term relationships along with teamwork, access to resources, as well as agents with different experiences and backgrounds. Everyone here embraces the principals of helping each other out and making sure everyone succeeds.

Relationships and respect are what our clients want and that’s exactly what they get from our team! Success is often a direct result of those two aspects, and without them, failure is right around the corner. Our team is up to any challenge; success is the only outcome that we will accept.

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SouthSide, REALTORS® is over 80 agents strong and Brian O’Neal, Owner/Agent maintains his commitment to being a local business with strong ties to the community. Brian has always firmly believed that the success of SouthSide, REALTORS® is directly due to the professionalism and dedication of each member of our team to grow to where we are today.

If you or someone you know is in the market to buy, sell, build or invest in real estate, you can count on SouthSide, REALTORS® to cultivate that relationship needed to successfully handle your real estate needs.

I Love Books

By Lillian Dinkins, owner of “Locust Grove Emporium, Purveyor of Resale and other Fine Goods”

LGE Books

I love books.  And I am a confirmed book snob.  I believe that only a book printed on paper is a real book.  I have read – or attempted to read – exactly one digital book.  My son once tried to buy me a kindle, but I returned it and dared him to do that again.

I have read books my entire life.  I live alone, and I rarely eat a meal without a book on hand, propped open with the sugar bowl.  And I’m kinda glad there’s no one there wanting me to make conversation while I’m reading to my meal.

My husband was not much of a reader – initially.  My son, on the other hand, always loved books.  After the obligatory bedtime story and lights-out, he’d say “read me a story without a book” before he’d let me leave the room.  To this day, he still reads…a lot.  Good boy.

As a confirmed book snob, I look askance at people who only read on digital devices.  They tell me about “having hundreds of books on hand,” and “how portable a kindle is,” and “the books are cheap,” and “the built-in light is wonderful for reading in the dark,” and “font sizes can be real big.”


All of these statements may be true.  But only a book is a book.  And I need to feel it, to smell it, to heft its weight in my hand, to (gasp!) dog-ear the page when I don’t have a bookmark, to hold it to my breast and exhale dramatically when I‘ve reached the satisfying conclusion.  I need to keep my favorites around so I can go back to the good parts as often as I want to.  I need to be able to pass the book on to others with a stern admonishment to return it when they finish, or at least to let me know when they’ve passed it on to someone else.  I need to keep a secret stash of my favorites under the bed, to be pulled out when I’m cleaning so I can run my hand over the book covers and remember the joy of reading those words for the first time.  And so I can reread them.

But I have to be honest:  If others – especially children and young people – will only read via electronic devices – then I say, “okay.”  Okay.  Because reading in any format is better than not reading at all.  And as the world gets smaller and closer and seemingly less real, if this is the only way some will keep up with what’s going on, then so be it.  And if my peers have become addicted to these devices as well, that’s okay, too.  For them.  But I will remain a bibliophile who only reads real books, with a magnifying glass if necessary. Because I’m old school – and that’s the way I roll…er, read.

Got books?  If not, come to Locust Grove Emporium and buy a whole box for $2!  All book sales benefit the Jackson-Butts County Friends of the Library.

“It’s like Deja Vu all over again!” By Tina Derrick of Deja Vu on Forty-Two

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That feeling of recreating or preserving that atmosphere, even if in the most subtle ways, or the nostalgic remembrances of those before us is a passion of mine at Déjà Vu on Forty-Two!  Anyone who knows me personally knows my love for vintage and antique items. I was fascinated by my maternal grandmothers caring and devotion to her possessions and finds. She would refinish furniture and make it beautiful again and I’ve been ‘hooked’ ever since!

Our shop Deja Vu on 42 is located in the  Locust Grove historic district, in the international style building that was the new Locust Grove Post Office in 1960! If you can picture in your mind a newly constructed business from the 1960’s you can spot our building in a second! It’s a dead giveaway!

I’ve pursued and collected antiques for decades and I knew it was time to settle down and open a shop of my own. The local community support has been exceptional, and I love seeing our repeat customers on a regular basis! The coffee is always on and so is the conversation!  Additionally, the response from travelers has been so fun and rewarding and I consider us lucky to be encountering so many out-of-towners due to our proximity to I-75 and the Atlanta airport. Shoppers from all over the country and occasionally even from overseas are right here in our midst! We welcome it!

Antiques and vintage items speak to me…..they are history and I am intoxicated by their wear, visions of where they’ve been all this time and how they were appreciated, well used, or sometimes mistreated. Have you ever wished you could visualize an item’s journey through time? That’s me. Have you ever run across something that you aren’t even sure what it is….but you’re so intrigued you just can’t put it down or stop wondering?  That’s me. Every once in a while, even I get stumped….have no clue what I’m looking at. UH!! Thankfully there is an app for that now where you can upload an image and search for an answer. That’s always a win-win!

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While the current trend is (gasping!) ‘chippy painted, distressed farmhouse’….. even to our beloved antiques, it’s just a matter of time before new trends come along. But don’t despair to those of us old-timers! If you have time and space, hold on to the old ‘non-trending’ historical treasures you have. The market is generally down with Millennials for traditional heirloom items but we’re hopeful that in the generations to come the mindset will shift toward their familial ties, historical value, and the desire for preservation.

Besides my own treasure finds, we feature other vendors with their own variety in vintage, antique, good reproductions in home décor, vintage jewelry, clothing, old vinyl LP’s, nostalgic yard/patio items and we love (hard to find) old signage! We love to repurpose too!! If we can breathe new life into the abused, discarded junk yay for us all! And it has a new history!

‘Downsizing’ is a term we hear a lot these days. People retiring typically want smaller homes and are thinning out their collections. Many fear leaving it all to the kids who don’t want collections or ‘old stuff’.  We buy vintage and antique items all the time from people just like yourself. And if you have old junk, even if you think nobody in their right mind would want it…..rethink and come see us! Let us reward you with a fair price.  Passion for repurposing is at an all-time high! As for good usable older things…..you can donate to charity (for a tax write off) or bring to Déjà vu on Forty-Two and walk away with some cash!  Come see us soon! We are open Tuesday-Friday 11-5:00.  Saturday’s 10-5:00.

Love, peace and happiness!

Tina Derrick, Owner of Deja Vu on Forty-Two


Spring has Sprung at French Market and Tavern!

Spring has sprung at FMT. We gave our retail mart a face-lift by adding new local vendors. Whether you are looking for home décor, hostess gifts, homemade goodies, jewelry, or other items, we have it covered. Shop before, during, or after your meal to get the full FMT experience. Our vendors include ‘On The Rocks’ which produces local jams, ‘Primitives by Kathy’, ‘HH&G’, ‘Laura Janelle,’ ‘Mary Square’, and more!

Upcoming events include Easter Buffet Brunch on April 1st and our Bourbon Tasting on April 4 The price for our Easter brunch is $24.50 for adults, $12.95 for kids 10 and under children 2 years and under are free.

Our first-ever bourbon tasting is planned for April 4th, from 6:00PM – 9:00PM. Tickets are $40 per person in advance or $45 at the door. Customers will receive 4 bourbon samples, which include Basil Hayden, Bulleit, Blade and Bow, and Michter’s. To pair with the bourbon, we will be serving Pork Belly, Cheeseburger Sliders, and Pulled BBQ Sliders.

Wine WedOn Wine Wednesdays,  come to FMT to enjoy half-price bottles of wine from 5:00-8:00 PM.

We are now offering Student Days on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00PM – 5:00PM. Local students looking for a place for after-school homework sessions can work on assignments and choose from our student menu.

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate Mom? We are also now accepting Mother’s Day reservations! Book yours today.

Life is too short for bad coffee. FMT Coffee coming soon!

Stay up to date with all of our current happenings by liking us on facebook! Stay tuned to all our social pages for updates as we add to our calendar of events.

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Electronic Logs and How They Affect the Consumer

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Electronic logging devices were created to improve road safety and minimize accidents. An ELD is a device that is hooked directly to a truck driver’s engine and helps mandate how many hours of service a driver may have. They can also store a ton of information on truck performance, tracking, driver score cards, and can even send messages via the satellite back to their employer.

With the new ELD’s in effect, drivers can only drive 14 hours consecutively, but in this 14 hours they must remain on the clock, even if just going to grab a quick bite to eat or use the restroom. All of these breaks will count against their clock. When a driver arrives at a shipper or receiver he must wait to be loaded or unloaded, all of which counts against his running clock. This means that if a driver isn’t unloaded in a timely manner then he may run out of hours. Not only does this affect his next load, but it also affects his safety. When a driver runs out of hours, his engine will shut of no matter where he is, which could be the side of the highway, at a warehouse, or even the middle of the road, causing concern for driver safety.

Driver fatigue is believed to be the biggest cause of road accidents. This new law helps to cut that down, affecting 3.1 million drivers. Companies will save a collective 1.6 billion dollars by eliminating paper logs alone. Is it worth it for the consumer? With the new laws in effect, studies show an estimated 200,000+ shortage in trucks. What drivers could get done in one day is now turning into a two-day transit. Now, the pressure is on drivers to get from point A to point B legally, causing delays in products to the consumer.  This will cause shippers to start sending trucks out with immediate product need with less freight.

The American Truck Business Services expects consumer costs to jump 10% in the first year alone. Not only does this cost affect the consumer, it also affects the trucking companies. Most companies only operate six trucks or less. Now with the new strict demand to make deliveries on time, companies are using two drivers to run lanes as a team. Meaning more pay for drivers, more pay from shippers, and it causes the spot market rates to increase. The money will need to be made up to cover all of the added cost, raising the cost of product.

Be prepared to see a slight rise in costs, whether it be at a retail store, grocery store, or even online shopping. While the new laws will save money for trucking companies, how bad will it affect the consumer? Will we be the ones to feel the inflation caused this new rule? Only time will tell. We are in the beginning of the first year of the newly implemented law, and cannot fully anticipate the overall effects of Electronic Logs.

Spice Logistics is a leading provider of logistics right here in our hometown of Locust Grove. As a team, we strive to build relationships not only with customers, but with our drivers as well. I have over 15 years in the transportation and logistics industry and use that knowledge every day to set Spice Logistics apart from any other logistics company. Our truckload freight specialists will get freight moving quickly and efficiently.

Shane Sinnemon, Spice Logistics LLC

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In addition to Spice Logistics, Mr. Sinnemon also owns Adventure Party Rental-party rental pic

“Adventure Party Rental is getting ready for our Spring Rush!  Give us a call today! We will give a 10% discount with the proof of any downtown Locust Grove receipt . We have it all  to bring the fun, MOONWALKS, KID’S BOUNCE HOUSES, WATER SLIDES, GAMES, SNOW CONE MACHINES, and MORE!”  www.ADVENTUREPARTYRENTAL.COM

New Year, Healthier Me


ISY interior

2018 is upon us and many people have verbalized or made mental notes of New Year’s resolutions. Frequently the resolutions focus on weight loss, fitness, health, or wellness. We are now several weeks into the new year, take a moment to ask yourself how are those resolutions coming. If you are like the average person, you have good intentions to become more active and make changes in the diet, but it can be difficult to get started. At Indigo Soul Yoga, LLC we believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness. Yoga means to unite the mind, body, and spirit. At ISY we incorporate the physical practice of yoga (asana) with breathing (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana) to help improve clients mental and physical well-being.

The benefits of yoga include improved sleep patterns, blood pressure reduction and control, increase in flexibility and mobility, weight loss, muscle building, improved digestion, decreased anxiety, protection from injury, pain control, and increased energy levels. These are just a few of the benefits of yoga. the best way to receive the benefits is to start practicing. You can practice yoga in a studio, at home, at your local gym, or in the park. Once you take that first step you won’t be disappointed.

Yoga is appropriate for people from all walks of life. Yoga can be adapted for children, teens, adults, seniors, athletes, or those with injuries or other medical diagnosis. The practice of yoga is excellent for both males and females. Everyone can benefit from yoga in some way. I challenge you to take the next step in your journey to health and wellness by attending a yoga class. Be open to something different than the usual running or aerobics class. Yoga can change your life for the better. Research has shown the benefits of yoga and I would love for you to become a part of our friends and family at Indigo Soul. Rather than the saying “new year, new me”, we say “new year, healthier me.” Health is not defined by the scale, the size of your clothes, or if you are sick. Health is your physical, mental, and social well-being whether disease is present or not.

I hope you have received something positive that may have resonated with you. If you have any questions on yoga or health/wellness feel free to send an e-mail or give the studio a call.







Tips for preventing broken pipes- from Strawn Insurance of Locust Grove

prevent busted pipes

With the extremely cold weather among us, we have seen numerous claims related to busted pipes due to freezing temperatures. With more cold weather approaching, Strawn & Co., Insurance wanted to provide you with a couple of tips to help prevent this from happening.

Keep heat on 68° F or above. Do not turn heat off.

Keep a trickle of water dripping on all faucets to prevent pipes from freezing

We hope everyone stays safe and warm through this winter weather and, of course, call us for a free quote at 770-357-0017.

 About Strawn Insurance in Downtown Locust Grove

Like you, we live and work in Henry County. This local perspective offers unique insight into the risks relevant to neighboring residents and businesses.

Aside from providing access to insurance services, we are proud to participate and sponsor a variety of community-driven initiatives in Locust Grove and surrounding Georgia communities, such as:

  1. Henry County Master Gardener Extension Volunteer Program
  2. Henry County Fuller Center for Housing Inc.
  3. Locust Grove High School Athletics
  4. Luella High School Athletics

Whether supporting businesses associated with Locust Grove Main Street or attending Locust Grove Days and the Locust Grove Scarecrow Contest, you’ll often see us out and about in our local community. In fact, Chris Ragan, from our Locust Grove location, is the Salem Baptist soccer coach.