What gives your life meaning?

By Michael Powell

It’s that time of year again. Social media is filled with “1st day of school” pictures, your vacation tan is fading, and thoughts of Christmas are beckoning your credit score. Life is fast. And I don’t just mean today or this week. The whole thing is slipping away- we see it in the mirror, in our growing kids, and maybe even aging parents. Instead of running to the next moment, I would like you to think for a second about what gives your life meaning. Maybe it’s your family, job, stunning good looks, awards, friends, retirement, or something else. While all those things are great, they are also speeding out of sight, slipping through your fingertips as you grasp with more and more energy to keep them close. This constant search for identity and purpose leaves you feeling hopeless, filling that hopelessness with temporary happiness.


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The Good News is this: that is not how we have been designed to live! Imagine for a moment that every waking minute of your life could be meaningful, with lasting impact, bringing endless joy. This is what the gospel provides! Through the finished work of Christ, we can reflect His glory and live out our true identity with peace in an everlasting hope that brings meaning to today.


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Southpoint has called Locust Grove home for the last 12 years, and we love this city! It’s not the access to Atlanta or train platform or growing selection of restaurants. We love this city because of the people. We want you and your family to experience true joy in Christ. We want to show our neighbors the love of Jesus. We want others to find hope for this life and the next.


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As your family is gearing up for a new school year or season of life, please consider joining us on a Sunday as we grow as a community of God’s grace and glory. This Sunday, at 10:30am, we are starting a series called Identity. It will look at the purpose for our lives as individuals and a community, leading to the September launch of a new Southpoint location in McDonough. As we grow, learn, and serve, YOU are invited to help us love this city!


We are located right behind the French Market at 170 Cleveland Street. For more information, please visit southpointfellowship.org.

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